Quentin's niece

Difficult. . . . because, of his three nieces, I spent the least time with him but we kept up a constant correspondence through which I was allowed a glimpse of his extraordinary personality and his life. I have handed all that exchange to my niece Michel, so am unable to quote from any of his letters on this occasion but my memory is of a warm and witty person who, at times such as the death of my first husband at a very early age, when I lent my head on his shoulder in search of solace and advice he responded with words of wisdom which never failed to pick me up.

Thanks to Quentin’s generosity and in his honor, I built a beautiful second home in a natural reserve 140 kilometers north of Santiago, the capital of Chile where I live and called it “La Crispina”. Hirschfeld’s caricature of him adorns the wall as you walk into the house. I am quite sure he would not have approved, disliking nature as he did but it made me happy to be able to thank him in some way for being so exceptional and my Uncle Denis.

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