The first time I met Quentin Crisp, he told me his best friend growing up was named Danuta. . . . So, I began my special friendship with Quentin and for the first time found my real name.

My strongest memory with Quentin was his 89th birthday. I had the feeling Quentin would have so many parties for his 90th birthday, so I decided to celebrate one year earlier. I collected a group of friends at my home, decorated with candles and fortune cookies, and lit a fire in my fireplace to warm the air.

The party was a great time as the most colorful people came to wish Quentin well. I loved the celebration and was thinking how Quentin always had a friend named Danuta in his life. I ended the evening with a purple icing cake and everyone singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dear Quentin.

I remember how as the evening went on all the voices and talking seemed festive—but by the end of the evening Quentin ruled—everyone in the room stopped talking and only Quentin Crisp spoke, his soft voice became strong. The fire was glowing and Quentin had found a stage in my home as everyone listened to his wisdom and wit as he talked of England and New York and his friend Danuta.

The following year Quentin turned 90 and parties were held all over New York. Now he would be 100 and I wish I could collect all those people again and listen to Quentin again and light 100 candles and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR QUENTIN!

Love, your friend, Danuta.

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